How the sporting events you watch on TV or via broadband are created and produced. In-depth interviews with the on-air talent as well as the producers, directors, writers and program executives that create the programing. Also all the latest on new media that will be used in broadcasting as well as for viewing the programing.

HBO 24/7 Pens and Caps - Countdown to the Winter Classic

A chat with HBO on their brand new sports special

Gibbs, Childress and Hendrick all want the NASCAR Cup

The of the most powerful and important men in NASCAR all feel their teams can win Sunday in Miami.

Lights, camera, Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin is one of the world's greatest hockey players. But do his fans really know him? In his new movie released this week they will get a real insiders view of the man we call OVI

ESPN looks at The Killing Fields of Bhopal

The children of Bhopal play cricket in fields that are killing them.
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NASCAR race in Texas could the Championship battle

AAA Texas 500 could go along way to crowning a NASCAR Sprint Cup Champion
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Breeders Cup 2010 is Zenyatta's show case

A big horse racing weekend is what the Breeders Cup offers.

World Series seen in over 200 countries

200 countries can see the World Series

John Colllins the NHL's international idea man

The NHL has their eye on the global picture.

NBA TV ready for a wild season

NBA season opens soon with Lakers looking at the Heat with interest.
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US Ryder Cup fans plan to get up early. How about 2am

Getting up early to watch the Ryder Cup and The NBC crew looks at the American's chances against Europe.
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An electronic boost to gameday experience

In hopes of giving fans more a bang for the big bucks they pay to attend sporting events NFL owners in some cities are offering fans a chance to enhance their day at the stadium. But will it work?
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HDTV TV is keeping fans home and not at the stadium's

The Spanish Primira, English Premiership, Italian Seires A, German Bundesliga and the French Ligue 1 have started their season’s with a great deal of fanfare and success. In the United States the NFL also got underway with a bang and no matter if was international soccer or American football they all shared something in common. TV ratings were at all-time highs, so you might think all is fine for both the networks and the league.
But there is a trend worth exploring. Almost half of NFL teams are having serious trouble selling tickets to their games. We're not just talking about Jacksonville, Carolina and Cincinnati -- all teams we knew were having possible blackout issues -- but the New York Jets and Giants. Gotham's teams are running ads on all the sports stations in the city trying to sell their premium seats to fans that look at prices and in some cases are being asked to pay double what they paid last season. This, of course, is on top of the new personal seat license -- some of which are in excess of $15,000 a seat.
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Behind the scenes of NBC Sunday Night Football

Producer Fred Gaudelli and director Drew Esocoff of "NBC Sunday Night Football" have been working together with primetime football programing since 2001. They were first a producer/director team on ABC's "Monday Night Football" before moving over to handle the Sunday night telecast on NBC.
Gaudelli and Esocoff started their network career's together in 1984 at ESPN, where they both covered boxing, college basketball and college football before being named the "Monday Night Football" duo in 2001.
With "NBC Sunday Night Football" in town, they are just as excited as the Redskins and Cowboys to get things going with this week's telecast. Speaking to Gaudelli, he gave me a feel for the behind the scenes of "NBC Sunday Night Football."

ESPN & Australian Open Agree to 10-Year Extension

ESPN, Inc. and Tennis Australia have reached a new 10-year extension thru 2021 of ESPN's multimedia coverage of the Australian Open.  Having televised the Australian Open – including the women’s and men’s semifinals and finals exclusively – since 1984, this is ESPN’s longest uninterrupted professional sports programming relationship.
The new agreement takes effect in 2012 and includes all ESPN platforms.  It continues the extensive ESPN2 television coverage, Spanish-language U.S. rights for ESPN Deportes and distribution in Latin America via ESPN International (2012-16).  It also includes expanded rights for ESPN3.com, iTV (interactive television), and highlights on ESPN.com and other emerging and digital media, including ESPN Mobile TV. 

U.S. Open is ready for Super Saturday

If you are a tennis fan, like I am, then Super Saturday from the U.S. Open is must see TV and with the men’s semifinal ‘s and the women’s finals that is about 12 hours of the best action you are likely to see anywhere in any sport.
Talking to CBS tennis analyst Jim Courier a four time Grand Slam winner and a man who reached the 1991 U.S. Open he really knows all about Super Saturday. In our conversation there was plenty of ground to cover on a busy day in Flushing Meadows, New York.

25 years in primetime for Al Michaels

Thursday night September 9th the 2010 NFL season will begin with an NFC Championship game rematch between Minnesota and New Orleans. The broadcast duo of Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will kick off another season of “NBC Sunday Night Football with a special Thursday night edition.”
This marks the 25th season Michaels has served as the prime-time voice of the NFL, first on ABC’s “Monday Night Football” and now on NBC.
Simply put, Michaels is the best play-by-play man of his generation and is the gold standard by which others are measured. He has the distinction of being the only man to call a Super Bowl, a World Series, an NBA Finals, a Stanley Cup Finals and also be part of an Olympics broadcast for two networks. I don’t have enough room in this column to list the awards he has won, and in our Monday conversation, Michaels and I talked about his career.