Lights, camera, Ovechkin

So you think you know Alex Ovechkin? The Washington Capitals forward has achieved rock star status, not just in Washington but worldwide.


"Alex Ovechkin: The Gr8" is an in-depth glimpse behind-the-scenes into the daily life of the two-time NHL MVP, and the DVD went on sale nationwide this week.

Ovechkin talked about his new video and a few hockey-related items.


How did the idea of the video come about?


OVI: It was mine and the people at the NHL. We both felt that fans knew me as a player on the ice, and they knew how much I really enjoy playing hockey, but they really did not know about Alex the person, and I think that it is very important for fans to get to know who I am. Where I come from and how being a part of the Caps and the Washington community is to me.


What in the video might surprise some of your fans?


OVI:Maybe it would be my love for McDonald's Big Macs. They are my favorite food. I think that fans will enjoy seeing me at home here in D.C. We also took a crew to Las Vegas for NHL Awards, which was very cool. But what I really want the fans to see is the time I spent in Russia at my home. They will be able to meet my family and friends and see where my love for the game really began. The whole process from my home in D.C. to my home in Russia I think will give fans a chance to see why playing NHL hockey is such a joy for me and how being a member of the Caps is a real honor.


How excited are you about playing in the NHL Winter Classic on New Year's Day?


OVI:Well, I grew up playing hockey outdoors and still love the feel of the cold blowing in my face. I know that being part of the NHL's signature event is big for the Caps and our fans. The fact that the game is going to be played in front of an international audience on New Year's Day against our archrivals Pittsburgh just makes something special into something great. I hope we get some snow and that we come away winners.


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