The Playboy Morning Show scores big on their NFL picks


The Playboy Morning Show team of the gifted Kevin Klein and his lovely partner Andrea Lowell scored at our highest level in the three years since I have been doing celebrity NFL picks. Klein set a record with 13 correct choices but not far behind was Lowell with 12 wins which is  also a high water mark.
You can hear the show Monday through Friday’s live 10am to 1pm on Sirius-XM channel 99. 
The entertaining duo makes The Playboy Morning Show scores big on their NFL picks chooses three “Locks of the Week” during the Thursday show so don’t miss it.
 Let’s start with Andrea who uses a un orthodox but an entertaining and effective way to make her choices that involves dipping her breast in liquid and placing it on a team name and what team sticks becomes her choice. Very creative.
Andrea’s Locks –
1.       The Pats over the Jets
2.       The Saints over the 49ers
3.       The Chargers over the Jags
Kevin on the other hand is an old school kind of a prognosticator who calls on hours of research and careful watching of the games to make his choices. Also it should be noted that the native of DC is a loyal Redskins fan.
Kevin’s Locks –
1.       Redskins over the Texans
2.       Vikings over the Dolphins
3.       Packers over the Bills     
Here are the rest of their choices:
The Games                                         Kevin              Andrea
1.       Texans - Redskins                           Redskins         Texans
2.       Ravens - Bengals                             Ravens            Bengals
3.       Cowboys - Bears                             Cowboys        Bears
4.       Eagles - Lions                                   Lions              Eagles
5.       Cards - Falcons                               Falcons           Cards
6.       Chiefs – Browns                             Chiefs              Browns
7.        Packers – Bills                                Packers          Bills
8.       Steelers – Titans                             Titans             Titans
9.       Bucs – Panthers                              Panthers        Panthers
10.   Dolphins - Vikes                             Vikes               Vikes
11.   Rams – Raiders                              Raiders          Raiders
12.   Seahawks – Broncos                     Seahawks     Seahawks
13.   Pats – Jets                                      Pats               Pats
14.   Jags – Chargers                            Chargers       Chargers
15.   Giants – Colts                                Colts              Colts
16.   Saints – 49ers                              Saints            Saints
Season – Klein 13 – 3 and Lowell 12-4


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